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Zen Shiatsu
Shiatsu 指圧 
Very simply Shi means finger or thumb. Atsu means pressure.
  Shiatsu is a traditional hands-on therapy.
If you are unfamiliar with Shiatsu think of it as a refine type of massage.

The roots of Shiatsu began in
Traditional East - West and Oriental Medicine. After scientifically proof that it works after the 2WW.

Shiatsu is received wearing loose clothing on a futon.
 Shiatsu techniques refer to the use of fingers and palm of one's hand to apply pressure to particular sections on the surface of the body,
for the purpose of correcting imbalances of the body, and
for maintaining and promoting health.
It is not unusual to use knee and elbow pressure.
A method contributing to the healing of specific illnesses.
Shiatsu received regularly promotes well-being and vitality.
After a Shiatsu session exercise and or dietary
advice may
be recommended
to support and
sustain the treatment to encourage our balance. 
There are two main Shiatsu schools:
one based on Western anatomical and physiological theory,
the other based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


Zenmobile 'Tuning in with the long Staff' Bojutsu and nature.

Shiatsu is regulated as a licensed medical therapy
by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan and Italy.
Regulation in other countries is by governing bodies
set up by Shiatsu practitioners. In the United Kingdom:
The Zen Shiatsu Society 
The Shiatsu Society. The Surrey Shiatsu Society.

Tokujiro Sensei founded The Shiatsu Institute in 1940.
After WW2 U.S. General Douglas McArthur ordered all 300 unregulated therapies in Japan to be researched to find which had scientific proof of merit. After eight years of research the Universities awarded
only Shiatsu scientific approval. In 1955 the health ministry legally recognised and licensed Shiatsu as a therapy. The school became officially registered under the name Japan Shiatsu School.
see Ampuk

Further reading: Introduction to Shiatsu.

On our body there are paths or flows of energy called a meridians.
Like streams of water flowing to the sea.
Tsubo is where energy gathers along a Meridian.
Shiatsu is applied to the Tsubo points  trans: Energy points with:

Mind,  Body and Spirit.

MBS should work to maintain and balance each other.
Each of the three energies are changing and moving all the time with the seasons, which are created by energy from the
Sun and Moon in our known universe.
This affects our sentient life experience, as weather changes
affect initially our physical health and everything on the earth.
This approach helps people to find their way.

Some people read many books and separate health into
different 'scientific categories' Medication, Psychology, Physiotherapy
Neurology Urology many 'ologies' and sometimes they don't communicate
with each other, almost childishly competing,
Science changes and some diagnosis are wrong. The patient becomes confused and worried floating from one ology to the other like a Badminton shuttlecock, relaxing inbetween each hit resulting in shock.
The NHS is overloaded and not run by Healers.
  Some people are a serious waste of NHS time, money and resources,
ask a Doctor when they are off duty.
Shiatsu can find the problem and help you to overcome fears
and difficulties by recommending various choices to go forwards.
After or before Shiatsu a visit to a dentist or doctor may be recommended.
Medical prescriptions or procedures can be responsible for some long occurring conditions called  'Iatrogenic' illness.
Your Doctors may be consulted for a more scientific diagnosis and or to check prescription(s). The idea is to be open and able to receive the necessary nutrients for good health, allowing toxins to pass through without affecting our healthy cells.

Thank you.

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