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Expanding and explaining some of the theories about
East and West abdominal massage.

  Of the many things I don't know - this I do know.
There are many volumes of books written about treating the abdomen/tummy/belly.
Different cultures, some far older than ours with different beliefs and systems form different climates all originally derived from the ancient story of the Universal common sense.
We are told.
Now we have scientific knowledge to
check it all out.!

'Abdomen' Western Medicine,
'Hara', Japanese
'Tanden' or 'Dantian' Chinese.

Each translation has a slightly different emphasis.
We wouldn't all want to be exactly the same.

In Zen Shiatsu: Ampuku translates something like
'make tummy happy.'
Ampuku can be the greater emphasis during a Shiatsu massage treatment.
Abdominal massage is probably the precursor
to all physical therapies. Even before
before the beginning of time, or when
herbs were first prescribed by
Apothecaries and Shaman.

Ampuku treatment revolves around the navel area.
The body brain or 'Tanden' a name used
in martial arts,
 it's just below the navel and is
our bodies centre of balance.
This area is known as the
'Field of Original Energy.

Tan = original energy and Den = paddy field.

When a baby, before we are born, we are fed by our Mother through the umbilical cord.
Life is like a heavenly 5 star hotel for babies.
If a Mother is well the babe is in harmony with
Mother nature.
The Mother of all of us.

After our birth we begin
another cellular journey.
A choice
of food with guidance from our
elders/parents and the chef!
Inevitably good and bad choices are made as we mature.
Some children will only eat meat which reflects their conditioning or a lack of emotional balance in life.
Bad choices can lead eventually to bad health.

Ampuku massage is to the abdominal area it promotes digestion, clears
stagnation and blockages from
the vital body organs. Blockages cause bad health.
Ampuku encourages the flow and absorption of healthy nutrients
without being invasive.


Generally intrusive surgery and excessive ego orientated manipulation was frowned upon by Traditional Eastern medicine.
Eye and ear operations in the East were in advance of 18th and 19th century Western medicine.
The great change came for them in the 19th Century when British and Dutch Naval surgeons were witnessed
saving a life with surgery.

In early Japan cures or purification and detoxification involved bathing in designated springs and volcanic
heated mineral rich pools of water.

The annexing of Japan from the rest of the world during the 19th century allowed minimal exchange and trade with the west. 'Red Haired Medicine' Dutch and British medicine and Naval trade being part of this exchange. The specially constructed wooden floating Island
is still floating in Nagasaki Bay where trade was conducted.
No foreigner was allowed on shore, everything was supplied to them via the wooden Island.

Some people who suffer overlook the obvious advantage of natural laughter and crying to assist digestion. They become a comedy in their own right and if you can recognise this in yourself you are recovering. Laughter can help for the most dejected or morosely dis-positioned and the people who care for them.
Laughter like crying clears the lung's energy. Called Ki this energy affects the digestive system and the Ki flow.
The word for energy in Shiatsu is Ki.

Having Ampuku massage helps to channel this 'Ki energy' to where our body needs it most.

Taking a treatment is a good way to understand a profound method of achieving balance in your life.
Ampuku safely relaxes the abdomen and release toxins which can be the cause or effect of sickness. During treatment belching and passing wind is generally regarded as a good sign. 
After a treatment simple self massage exercises are recommended. These simple exercises can be done sitting down and are easy for any age or condition.

  In this way a receiver can become a student and learn to pass on something other than prescribed medicine operations and emotional issues.
Indeed learn to use both.
Traditional Wisdom
Scientific life changing discoveries.


A list of some names for Energy
from different cultures and climates:
Japanese 'Ki'
India, “prana” or “shakti.”
The ancient Egyptians “ka,”
Ancient Greeks “pneuma.”
Remember Alexander the Great? He ruled Persia and brought many things into our culture from Persia.
For Native Americans it's the “Great Nature Spirit”,
for Christians the “Holy Spirit.”
In Africa it’s known as “ashe”.
Hawaii as “ha” or “mana.”
Probably the oldest noted down is
pre Chinese: Qi or Chi. 
The list goes on and I'm sure some will invent their own and sell it to you if they can.
He, he, not me!

'O.K.' written on a box in the docks is illiterate
American Irish initials for 'All Clear'.
  This explains why a translations can give meanings
a twist in the tail.

The Taoist Qi or Cosmic Energy is the life-force that animates the forms of the world.
Scientifically it is the vibratory nature of phenomena, the flow and tremor that is happening at the molecular, atomic and sub-atomic levels.

With Ampuku the Cosmic Wind or 'Lom', ancient Chinese for wind. (Get it) is charged with particles, plasma. Primarily protons and electrons which are continuously emitted from the Sun in our solar system.
This Solar Wind streams outward throughout the solar system at speeds of hundreds of miles/Km per second
The Cosmic or solar wind effects everything on Earth and the planets in our solar system.
The wind passes through the human body flowing with nature, as it effects the tides and weather.

  Ampuku massage helps to channel this energy to where we need it and move energy when it's stuck. Gently harnessing the macro cosmic Solar
Energy without which we would have nothing.
Food blockages take more energy just to keep going.
It takes more strength to carry extra weight. People with an unbalance appetite who love food will over indulge until something gives out.

Energy Ki is like Sunshine, seeds, plants, food and water.

To conclude: The Micro Cosmic Wind from the Sun moves the vital energy and is considered the source of life
and is pure, toxic or a mixture.
The Lom or Cosmic Wind circulates through our vital organs. If the wind is blocked by physical
and emotional trauma or eating habits our body will naturally react to protect and restore us by channeling energy.
This reaction if relied on without addressing the inevitable problems can lead to blocking the Energy Ki channels or meridians resulting in health issues and emotional extremes. We all have both in us.

massage within Shiatsu helps to dissolve these blockages and like taking a small painful wood splinter out from your finger can give a great deal of
balance and relief.

'Tao' is the ancient Taoist philosophy of
change and impermanence.
Ampuku can be referred to as Taoist abdominal massage.

Many Thanks to:
 The London “Universal Healing Tao UK”

Developed by Mantak Chia.

Help preserve the harmonious system to balance our planet.

For more in depth Cosmic analysis try
Theoretical Physics of the Universe and ongoing discussion see
Joao Magueijo Professor of Physics Imperial College London

Author of 'Faster Than The Speed of Light, The Story of a Scientific Speculation'

Think clean pure water, free for everyone in their own culture and climate. That will be the day.
The End
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