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Ian Eyre Lic.ZSS   (Licensed Zen School of Shiatsu)
  During infancy my mentor was a British Empire and Olympic athlete.
He introduced me to
Calisthenic Yoga, remedial health and sport. 
An ex-Japanese 2WW P.O.W. a gardener taught me a little Karate.
Wrestling within a farming community was the start of my search.
Later during a successful career performing live music the work load caused a burn out resulting in iatrogenic illness. I continued my received mixed exercise: Yoga, Karate, Reflexology, gardening, music and art.
All the time thinking about balancing health and realising how buildings change the maintenance is similar to Human Beings.
My Shiatsu began with help from various sources.
Influenced by unlikely people developing cutting edge electronic engineering, graphic art, Japanese Martial Arts, later Malayan Chinese acupuncture and cosmology.
After a long search I found the Zen School of Shiatsu at the East West Centre Old Street London EC1 and soon after received my Certificate level Shiatsu.
In May 2013 the Zen school joined with the British school of Shiatsu Do.
I was sponsored by a client to continued studying to Diploma level.
During this time I was fortunate enough to receive instruction from many founders of the Shiatsu community in the U.K. 
I eventually received my License Zen School of Shiatsu Lic.ZSS.

    Through the Zen School of Shiatsu I was introduced to Mantak Chia who teaches the 'Universal Healing Tao system'. I assisted on several of Mr Chia's London courses organised by the Universal Healing Tao U.K.
This was my introduction to Chi Nei Tsang (body organ massage) see Ampuku.
I studied Thai Massage in Chang Mia acknowledging
Jivaka Komarabhacca Buddha's physician.

The Traditions continue to evolve.
Shiatsu is not a weekend course on the internet.
May your energy be recharged.
You never know what is around the corner.
Goodwill and many thanks to all the people who have
helped me through when all seemed lost.
teachers, instructors and guides.
In the here now and the Universal Ocean of Stars. 
Thank you

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